Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Cardinal Omission

Sorry to fans of Peterborough's leading poet, Cardinal Cox, who sent me his latest effusion more than a week ago. It's not supernatural as such, but has a kind of steampunk Gothic vibe, you dig? It's entitled The Shaver Mysteries, an episode in counterculture/pulp fiction history I'd forgotten. If you'd like to know more about Shaver and his crazy notions, the BBC (of all institutions) has something here. (If Shaver were around now he'd probably accue the BBC of being under dero control.) If you'd like to know more about Cardinal Cox and his emanations, find out more here

Here's a bit from the new collection:


The freak show's fallen on hard times

It's the carnival's disgrace

Even the bearded lady has

Taken to hiding her face

The Siamese twins have been divorced

Indian rubber man's lost his stretch

Tattooe'd lady's disappeared

Booth boxer's just a wretch

The living skeleton's developed a taste

For the richest chocolate log

We're still featuring Henry, though

The famous dog-faced dog

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