Thursday, 30 July 2009

Much Cackling... is not a village in Somerset

There's a place called Wookey Hole*, and this week they recruited a witch. Not a 'proper' witch, but a witch to give the place the authentic feel of a cynosure of dark forces and so on. Something for the kiddies, in other words. Though looking at the successful applicant, 'Carla Calamity', I suspect there's also 'something for the dads' going on here. Ms Calamity, aka Carole Bohanan, is a former estate agent, and is therefore moving down the career ladder, at least with regard to evil deeds, tee-hee. You can see a fairly detailed report with more pictures here. She has a good hat, though but. I always think witches should have decent headgear, though apparently the only formal job requirements were an ability to cackle and no allergy to cats.

*Wookey Hole is only rude if you are a Star Wars fan. And are rude thinking, obviously.

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