Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Buy Some Haunted History!

Forgot to mention in my last post that some of the Haunted History booklets from Swan River Press can be purchased from the authors via PayPal. The place to go is here. The booklets are as interesting as they are diverse. To summarise my review in ST15 - Gary McMahon's Brutal Spirits is about a haunting in the horrible 'Get Carter' car park in Gateshead, which is currently being demolished - and not before time. The Nanri Papers by Edward Crandall is a must-have for anyone who - like me - loves those crazy Japanese ghost movies set in high schools. The Red House at Munstereifel, by Helen Grant, is different again. Here we have a collection of papers about old-time witch mania in Germany. Authentic? You, the reader, must decide!

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Jim Rockhill said...

I have read all of these as they have been published - varied in location and tone, chilling and very entertaining.