Thursday, 5 March 2009

Epic Fail - it's now even harder to subscribe to ST

I'm about to remove the link to the British Fantasy Society, as they closed down their online store WITHOUT TELLING ME! I am peeved about this, and they have lost a member. Oh well, credit crunch and all that. It's a few quid saved. 

So, basically, there are now two ways to order ST. You can send me a cheque drawn on a British bank, or you can send me that funny foreign money. I will look at setting up a PayPal account, but I am very, very wary of anything financial that occurs online. Frankly I think sending cash through the post is marginally safer than trusting total strangers with my bank account details. But let's see what happens.

Update Friday 6th Mar: apparently the BFS has had major problems with its site and - incredibly - lost the email addresses of those using its store. Wow. They want me to continue using their store for my micro-business. Not sure I want to with that kind of track record. Any thoughts out there? Suggestions? Recession recipes?

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