Wednesday, 18 March 2009


It's been a while since I last posted. I am very sorry and have been spanked. In fact, that's probably why I haven't posted for a while. Haaaaaa! Thank you, Eric Pode of Croydon.

Now, fear not bold fictioneers, ST15 is well under way and will be out by the end of May, if I'm lucky and spared and so forth. In the meantime, a fact. There's a new player in town, in the crazy world of quality publishing. Ex Occidente Press is based in bouncy baroque Budapest*, and full of Eastern promise. If the quality of the books matches the talents of some of the authors listed, I think we will all be spending our way out of this pesky recession. Oh yes.

And now, back to the grindstone, Mr Croydon.

*no, it's Bucharest, and I'm wrong again. But whichever it is the books look spiffing.


Todd T said...

The Ex Occidente list is highly tantalizing indeed.

They are based in Bucharest, actually, rather than Budapest, but either way, the challenge of producing top-drawer English-language books and getting them into the hands of buyers must be significant.

Looking forward to ST15 with eagerness.

valdemar squelch said...

Ah, yes, I stand corrected. Bucharest is even further away and more foreign that Budapest. I look forward to a new small press based in Samarkand and devoted to publishing symbolist poetry by transvestite alcoholics. Then I'll be in with a chance.