Friday, 12 December 2008

A shamefaced acknowledgement

I've just realised that the spiffing new illustration above, giving a bit of style to my otherwise not-exactly-stunning title, has not been acknowledged. The wonderful Ro Pardoe of Ghosts and Scholars sent me (some time ago) two images she created by digital tinkery means. Unfortunately she is laid up with flu at the moment, according to her husband Darroll, and I haven't actually been able to get her permission to use the image.. I picked the one that was less scary (the other one had a big spider). If you notice this, Ro, please do not pass me the runes! I'm just sort of assuming you wouldn't mind. 

1 comment:

Todd T said...

I like it. Rosemary is apparently not the most likely person to surf around on-line, but if your blog goes suddenly silent, we'll know that her wrath can reach even the blogosphere. I hope she feels better soon.