Monday, 8 December 2008

I'm now famous for about twenty minutes, setting a new blog record

This is from Britblog Roundup at Redemption Blues:

'Guest-blogging at Heresy Corner, the magnificently-pseudonymed Valdemar Squelch (I agree that Dave, his real name, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it), provides the uninitiated with an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the fiction of Montague Rhodes James in The Hairy Claws of the Vengeful Dead, placing the stories within the wider cultural context: "James could hardly have been unaware of the prolonged intellectual ferment that followed the publication of Darwin’s ideas. The great debate spanned the early decades of James’ life. As a Christian by upbringing and inclination, M.R. James believed in the immortal soul. Yet as a man of his time - and a very intelligent one - he could not have been untouched (untainted?) by the materialistic outlook of the new science of biology. Disraeli said the question was whether Man was an Ape or an Angel and famously came down ‘on the side of the Angels’. James does not seem so sure, in his fiction at least. he offers us spirits that are bestial, yet still in a horrible way human - human enough to be dangerous, with just enough mind to nurse a grievance".

Hopefully, this week’s compendium will have sufficed to silence the detractors of blogging, albeit temporarily, about the merits of our output.'

He put me right at the end of his review, not the ned as I originally typed because I'm over-excited, no, at the END, and that means I'm the best because you always save the best for last, just like I always used to eat the fruit salad and save the ice cream. I am over-excited, did I mention that? Well, it's good to be mentioned on the interwebs. Thanks to the Heresiarch for passing this on, as I am very much a novice at this blogging lark and probably always will be a bit 'out of it'.

Now, where's that post about muscle-bound lesbians tearing each others' clothes off? Oh well, it'll keep.

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Todd T said...

A nice post, now echoing down the virtual corridors of the interblog. With archives, you will be famous for 20 years, not minutes.