Thursday, 14 August 2008

Supernatural Tales 14

It's sort of nearly there, in a way. Well, I've got a lot of the editing done and written a nice review, and done a retrospective on a good book of ghost stories. A few bits and bobs still need doing. One thing I think I have got sorted is the cover. See what you think.


nomis said...

I think it looks grand. Plus, I know Tony Lovell's a real gent and deserving of extra attention (like his photography on a cover or two). Not to mention, of course, he's a wonderful writer.

I'm looking forward to seeing issue 14 of ST. I hear there's at least one story written by someone who is incredibly handsome.

Todd T said...

I too am eager to see ST14, especially if there's a nomis story. I thought his most recent one in ST - which I won't name so that I don't blow his cover and invite night's black agents down upon my head - was quite good indeed.

I have an embarrassing admission, though (which I will now announce to the known universe): I'm not sure of my subscription status. Do I need to renew to get 14? Thanks.

valdemar squelch said...

Ah yes, we must not reveal the true identity of the nomster. And yes, Tony is a gent. He's working on a novel, so the long-ish story by him in ST14 might be one of his last bits of short fiction for a while. Very odd it is, too.