Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cardinal Cox

... sounds like the punchline to an off-colour joke about an actress and a bishop. But no! The Cardinal is in fact a poet of Peterborough, whose reputation precedes him wherever he goes - at least in the Peterborough area. He's been writing little booklets of poems for many a year, and has also produced some interesting fiction. I seem to recall he won a competition run by the erudite Friends of Arthur Machen some years ago. 

Anyway, Cardinal Cox has sent me his latest emanation. Entitled 'The Rock Show: The Devil's Own Music'. it is a pamphlet of poems inspired by blues and rock. It was written for Zombiecon, which is to be held in Walsall. Insert your joke about that here_______

Here's a sample of the first poem, 'Fugue on Themes by Robert Johnson'.

I been studyin' the rain

That's what I said to my lady

I believe I ain't gonna see you again

That's what I said to my lady

See, it even rhymes and scans! Traditional poetry that's actually about something, our Enid! I like the Cardinal's versifying ways and am happy to recommend his work to you, yes you, stop sniggering. If you want your poetry to make a deal with the devil at the crossroads, to be redolent of Sir Philip Sidney's juicier flights of fancy, to recall the wry humanity of Louis Macneice, and to not remind you of bloody Wordsworth in any way, this is for you. 

But how do we buy this miniature masterpiece? Well might you ask. To order a copy you need only do the following:

Send a one pound coin, carefully disguised, and a stamped, self-addressed C5 envelope to:

58 Pennington

Orton Goldhay



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