Tuesday, 24 June 2008

An American in Dublin

That's Brian J. Showers, a writer who is keeping alive the traditional, 19th century ghost story in the style of Le Fanu. No sexy vampire gals as yet, but I live in hope.

His latest book, The Bleeding Horse (as in 'Is that your bleedin' horse, mate?') is full of period detail and topographic information. It's not a collection of horror stories, but a sort of ghostly ramble through the environs of Dublin. I think - if I can get my act together - that a proper review will appear in ST14.

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Adam Golaski said...

Started a review of this book myself, and will one day finish it, whence things are less mad. It's a brilliant book, and sneaky. I expected to be interested but not find much in the way of actually unsettling, and then the book delivered.

I urge people to get this book. It's a lovely book, physically, too.