Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Issue Eleven is Go-ing quite soon

Well, that's that then. I have ST11 in great heaps lying around the living room. I have lots of envelopes and stamps. I'm in the process of printing myriad sub renewal slips to shove in - ooh, luvverly money!

I have also had some renewals courtesy of folk at the Derby Alt.Fiction event. While it was a somewhat sparse audience for the ST11 launchette, those who were there did appreciate Peter Bell's excellent reading. In fact, his story came across even better aloud than it does on the page. Great stuff.

So, if any readers are out there, ST11 will be heading your way in the next week or so. I think the Bank Holiday might be a good time to sit stuffing envelopes. It will probably rain, after all...

If you need any information, gentle reader, email me.


Adam Golaski said...

Sorry I missed out on Peter Bell's reading. I'm a fan of his work.

Very much looking forward to seeing ST 11. I'm sure it'll be grand.

Adam Golaski

valdemar said...

Well, let's hope so. I'm quietly confident as to the quality of the work. Let's hope I've done it justice.