Thursday, 10 May 2007

Blatant Dishonesty in a Good Cause

Having recommended the young persons below to the eager masses, I suppose I ought to emphasise the fact that I'm peddling a fine magazine of original short fiction. In a marketing coup, I have managed to secure celebrity endorsements from some important people...

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Adam Golaski said...

I planned to write my next submission for ST in the margins of an issue of ST but then became concerned thusly: 1. if my story is in the margins of an issue of ST, has it been previously published? and 2. if I write my story in the margins of an issue of ST, I'll have to send said copy of ST to M. Longhorn in order to submit, leaving me bereft of said issue of ST. This is a maddening conundrum I see no possible way of ever solving, tho I have outsmarted my problem: I've decided to write my submission not in the margins, but upon the actual text.

Of course, this might be considered infringement.