Sunday, 21 April 2019

Issue 40 is now available

Supernatural Tales 40

You can buy it online here. Stories by Steve Duffy, Mark Valentine, Tracy Fahey, S.P. Miskowski, Helen Grant, Jane Jakeman, and Laura Lucas. Here are the opening sentences.

It had often been said of Olivia that she trusted too much in the generosity of the men in her life.
'Chambers of the Heart' by Steve Duffy

Jack rolled over and pushed something out of the way.
'Mortimer: The Husband's Story' by Jane Jakeman 
Toby is married to Lana.
'Sargasso' by Laura Lucas 
All through that last, unending winter, she bites her tongue.
'Inside Out' by Tracy Fahey 
If you don’t mind, I find it advisable to schedule activities early in the day.
'Legends of Claudia' by S.P. Miskowski 
It was the flash that woke him.
'Atmospheric Disturbances' by Helen Grant 
When he saw the headline at the newspaper stand he had a brief flicker of unease.
'Red Lion Rising' by Mark Valentine


Anonymous said...

Mr. Longhorn, thanks for publishing this fine little magazine. I can't think of another place where I find this sort of fiction, except perhaps in Ghosts and Scholars. Again, thank you. Will you be putting issue 40 on Amazon? This is my preferred way of purchasing. Also, perversely, you should consider raising your price. It is worth more than 99 cents.



John said...

It's kinda weird that the minimum shipping cost is more than the cover price, I'm just sayin'. I purchased my copy and am looking forward to reading your magazine for the first time.

valdemar said...

Hi guys, I will be making the ebook available on Amazon asap, never fear. Re: cover price, postal rates have risen so fast they overtook me. It's ridiculous and I will consider raising the price of ST.

Thanks for your positive feedback, it's always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Dear David,
Congratulaions on another excellent issue, though I say so as perhaps shouldn't. But what really makes me write about it is that I have always thought that male writers dominate in this genre and, I think for the first time we have a predominance of women - five of us, 'bookended' by two men. I've been trying to 'spot the difference' and I do think the women are more attuned to scrutinising personal relationships. Tracy Fahey's account of the often disturbing mother-daughter intensity, S.P. Miskowski's complex version of a girl's feelings about her glamorous relative,Laura Lucas's subtle sexuality - these do seem to me to be female accomplishments. And, for me the winner in the bunch, Helen Grant's 'Amospheric Disturbances' has an ending where the female psyche is in definitive control (I won't say more as I don't want to give it away.)Not to disparage the stories by Mark and Steve = both are excellent. But different!
All the best and please keep going with this wonderful production!
Yours ever, Jane Jakeman

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