Monday, 26 February 2018

Ghost Story Authors - Candid Snaps

Do you form an image of a writer when you read their work? I find it hard not to. I picture someone who is older or younger, cheerful or sombre, and so forth. It is a bit ridiculous to do this, because many older authors can 'write young', and a cheerful person can write intensely grim fiction. Anyway, here for your delectation are some images of ghost story/horror writers that, to my mind, don't quite go with the persona that appears in their stories.

Walter de la Mare by Lady Ottoline Morrell.jpg

Who's this rather stylish gent? Walter de la Mare, author 'All Hallows' and 'Seaton's Aunt', looking quite cheerful at what may be a garden party.

Related image

Another English gent, this one equipped with a sensible 'genial uncle' pipe. It's L. P. Hartley, author of many a disturbing tale, such as 'A Visitor from Down Under', 'Feet Foremost', and 'The Killing Bottle'.

Image result for w.w. jacobs

Looking a bit like a posher John Inman, this is in fact an author with one unquestioned classic to his name. W.W. Jacobs wrote 'The Monkey's Paw'.

Image result for e. nesbit

Finally, a hardworking writer who penned dozens of books for young readers but also produced some excellent weird tales for grownups. Edith Nesbit, author of 'Man Size in Marble', 'The Violet Car', and 'John Charrington's Wedding'.

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