Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Anthology of Anthology Horror!

Yes, someone has compiled clips from a lot of anthology horror films, thus providing a handy Hallowe'en sampler.
If the horror anthology film has a weakness, the equivalent of a wooden stake or an overbearing (and decapitated) mother, it’s that they are almost always, by their very nature, uneven. Whether one director is in charge or the stories have been divvied up among a group, the result is still usually a mixed bag...
Here's a bit I hadn't seen, from the Italian movie Black Sabbath. I didn't know there were Italian horror movies.

And here's one of the nastier bits of the Amicus classic Tales from the Crypt. A brutal ex-army officer has taken over a home for the blind and begun mistreating the residents. Needless to say...

Finallly, here's a clip from a French antho film I should have mentioned earlier - Fears of the Dark.

Don't have nightmares!

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