Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Podcast to the Curious

The Familiar - Illustration by M. Grant KellermeyerIt's been a good while since I mentioned the lads over at APttC, who took upon themselves the task of discussing every single story by M.R. James, plus his unfinished work and 'Stories I Have Tried to Write'. A Herculean task - all credit to Will Ross and Mike Taylor for undertaking it.

If you haven't heard their cheerful, unpretentious opinions you should give them a try. You might not always agree with their views, but they always have something intelligent and thought-provoking to say.

They've finished MRJ's fiction and now they've moved on to stories he admired. Not surprisingly Le Fanu features in the latest podcast, and Brian Showers of The Swan River Press is their guest expert. The story they discuss is 'The Familiar'.

Look out, owls! Illustration by M. Grant Kellermeyer of Oldstyle Tales Press, which is also well worth a look.

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