Saturday, 4 February 2017

An Ethically Questionable Advertisement for Myself

Yeah, Norman Mailer, in yer not-alive face!

I've written six books (and some short stories) for a US publisher. They are classed as 'supernatural suspense', and I thought I'd mention them in case anyone's interested. Here the latest three are, in glorious Technicolor. It's all jolly good fun, featuring hideous monstrous manglings and bizarre medieval occultism. And ghosts.

Oh, be very careful if you click on that link. There is a highly disturbing photo of yours truly.

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Henk said...


I just started in sentinels....
Sure hope to enjoy this series as I bought all three of them.
I already discovered the Dark Isles series on and they seem interesting.
Placed them on my "future" want-list on Amazon.

Kind regards,