Saturday, 25 June 2016

Wormwood 1

Those lovely fellow mortals at Tartarus Press have republished the first issue of Wormwood, an excellent journal devoted to all things weird and wondrous. Here is their press release, because I'm a bit tired and would rather cut and paste.

Dear All,
We are pleased to announce that we have reprinted Wormwood 1. This inaugural issue of our journal devoted to fantastic, supernatural and decadent literature contains the following:
'Gustav Meyrink: The Monster-Magician in Kafka’s Shadow' by Adam Daly'The Heroic Hereafter: Explaining Eddison' by Jonathan Preece'Ernest Bramah: A Challenge to the Biographer' by William Charlton'A Very Real Presence: Dame Muriel Spark, Briefly Interviewed''The Ninefold Kingdom and Others: Four Fictional Visions of the Political Future' by John Howard'Everything Ends in a Greater Blackness: Some Remarks on the Fiction of Thomas Ligotti' by Mark Samuels'The Decadent World-View' by Brian Stableford'Revisiting Ramsey Campbell' by William P. Simmons'Camera Obscura''Late Reviews' by Douglas A. Anderson
Wormwood 1 is available direct from our website for £9.99, including post and packing worldwide. It will also be available through the usual dealers.

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