Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Ghost Story Awards!

Yes, it's not just the best story in ST #30 you should be thinking about, and voting for. It's also the best ghost story and best collection/anthology published last year.

What did you read in 2015?

What stuck in your mind?

What did you really enjoy?

Did anything prompt you to say to yourself: "Gosh, that was a splendid repast of supernatural literature, and no mistake!"? Why do you talk to yourself like a retired Indian Army colonel c. 1937? Sorry, none of my business...

The point is that there were, in my humble etc, a lot of good stories published last year, and quite a few good books. You can vote for up to three titles in each category, but you don't have to. Just vote for one story, or one book - the choice is yours.

Please send your votes by email to; markl[dot]valentine[at]btinternet[dot]com.
(The fifth character in the email address is a lower case L for Lima, not i or a number 1).

Your vote must arrive by midnight on February 28th 2016.

He's voted! Have you?

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