Monday, 27 April 2015

Vote, vote, vote!

... by which I mean, of course, that you should use your vote to endorse the best story in a recent issue of ST. (And it doesn't matter if you've read the print version or the e-version, the poll is open to all readers.)

'Yes, definitely an amusing supernatural phenomenon. Best make a note of that.'

So far I've not received many votes about ST#28, the last winter issue. I will be announcing the winner of that poll in ST#30, so if you'd like to give your opinion of which is the best story just bung a vote in the comments here. Or you could email me. ST is also on Facebook, so you really have many opportunities to have your say.

No, when I said 'put your cross in the box...'

By the same token, ST#29 is out now - if you read it and think 'Ooh, that one was good!' why not tell me? If you don't, I'll never know, and your opinion counts.

Democracy - it's arguably better than rule by busty vampires

Remember, the winner of the reader poll gets the princely sum of £25. I know it's a very small sum, but it's at least a gesture from reader to writer, and writers like to be appreciated. So, please appreciate 'em! 

There are several handy ways to vote


Riccardo Giandrini said...

ST no.29 - I enjoyed all the stories and it's not easy to select the best for me. However, I pick "An Oubliette" as I liked the atmosphere of the story and the use of the natural elements of the landscape to convey a weird nuance to the tale. Also the events around the whispering house in "Cul-de-sac" are wistfully engaging.

valdemar said...