Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Supernatural Tales 29 - contents

Supernatural Tales 29

Then her other hand was upon me, clutching my other arm. She drew nearer, like a lover searching for a kiss.

Jeremy Schliewe: 'Distance' 

'The unearthly wailing woke him again. He lit the lamp and went outside. At once the keening stopped, the shadowy rocks mute and unmoving.'

Rosalie Parker: 'Selkie - A Scottish Idyll'

She prodded the fish with her fork, and that was when the weirdness started. Because the fish started moving on the plate, as if it was still alive.

Jane Read: 'Service Charge'

When he received the book in the mail, Klenz had no memory of ever having ordered it.

C.M. Muller: 'Dissolution'

Despite not being able to see further than a few feet in front of him, he attempted to push through. The further he pushed through the more the fog seemed to coalesce into something impenetrable.

James Machin: 'An Oubliette'

“Yes, I must have stepped on something. A nail or a piece of glass. I do tend to go out in my bare feet.”

Katherine Haynes: 'Just a Snuff at Twilight'

The breathing seemed to be a man’s: even, not unnaturally loud, undramatic. It wasn’t the gasping of someone dying, as he had first feared. He wasn’t, he felt, hearing a recording of murder or terminal illness.

Sam Dawson: 'Cul-de-sac'


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