Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cats on Film!

There's a spiffing blog by the writer Anne Billson that features lots of films with cats in them. It has categories, of course. And puns. But - as you've probably guessed - it is principally of interest here at STHQ (trademark pending) because an absolute shedload of films feature cats in spooky, horrific, or otherwise weird scenarios.

Indeed, so replete is the blog with images of pussycats in various stages of furry fiendishness that I thought I'd have a quick, impromptu competition. Can you match the moggie to the movie? It's multiple choice because these results will count towards your GCSE in Corporate Serfdom.


nightoftheeagle01a. The Fall of the House of Usher
b. Night of the Eagle
c. Dawn of the Dead


a. The Dunwich Horror
b. Cat People
c. The Tomb of Ligeia


'Me? 'Ow?'

a. The Uncanny
b. The Black Cat
c. The Raven

And I've just noticed that there's a blog called The Horror Cats. This is a good day.

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Mark Fuller Dillon said...

One of my favourites is CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, which follows Tourneur's THE CAT PEOPLE, and, in my view, makes the concept even stranger. It's one of those films that reminds me of my own childhood, and makes me recall just how strange it is to be a child in a world that makes no sense whatsoever.