Friday, 4 July 2014

The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows: Vol 2

Last year saw the publication of a collection of stories for hard-core M.R. James enthusiasts. The idea was for authors to write prequels or sequels to tales by MRJ. The winning tales were selected by the legendary Ro Pardoe, editor of Ghosts & Scholars.

So successful was the Book of Shadows that a second competition was launched, and a second volume will be out this autumn. It can be ordered now from Sarob Press.

Here are the contents:

Introduction by Rosemary Pardoe
Peter Bell ~ “The Sands o’ Dee” 
C.E. Ward ~ “11334”
David Longhorn ~ “Lineage”
Elsa Wallace ~ “A Tale from Kildonan”
John Howard ~ “Touched”
Reggie Oliver ~ “Absalom”
Christopher Harman ~ “Slapstick”
Rick Kennett ~ “Dolls for Another Day”
Derek John ~ “The Desecrator”
Helen Grant ~ “The Third Time”
Mark Valentine ~ “Character” 
John Ward ~ “The Partygoers”

Judging by the standard of last year's collection, this book will offer an excellent read. And I need hardly add that it's great to see so many contributors to ST are also represented. And, yes, I have a story in it as well, but don't let that put you off.

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