Thursday, 20 March 2014

Three New Ghost Stories by Helen Grant

The ghost story's natural habitat is the marginal, the ephemeral, the modest publication. Well, that's my feeling - not sure why. Perhaps it's because, when I started reading ghost stories I acquired a lot of tatty old paperbacks, and a similarly large pile of chapbooks in various stages of repair. Which brings me to Ghost Stories of Innerpeffray, three tales by Helen Grant. The stories were written about, and read in, the public library of Innerpeffray, and have now been published as a chapbook. Ideal reading for chaps! And ladies, too, of course. It costs £5 plus postage, which seems quite reasonable.

You can hear Helen read one of the stories (for free!) here. I like it.


Helen said...

Thank you, Valdemar! If you don't mind my commenting, I'd like to add that I wrote these stories during a single day as Writer in Residence at Innerpeffray Library. It's Scotland's oldest lending library and unusual in that visitors are allowed to handle the books, some of which are 500 years old! I produced the stories to raise awareness and funds for the library, so all purchases of the chapbook will help support this amazing place. The library's online shop is at
Best wishes,

valdemar said...

Thanks for stopping by, Helen!