Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Oldstyle Tales

A new publisher of supernatural fiction is always interesting, and this one looks intriguing.

OLDSTYLE TALES PRESS is an independent literary press which publishes edited anthologies of classic ghost stories, tales of the supernatural, horror novels, and Weird fiction, circa 1767-1939. Editions feature original illustrations, annotations, and introductory notes on each story or chapter.

FOUNDED in 2013, Oldstyle Tales Press is committed to producing affordable editions of the best supernatural, weird, and horror fiction produced in the English-speaking world before World War Two. While most anthologies and editions of horror fiction are either entirely lacking (or notably sparse) in their critical material or designed for professional use by literary scholars, Oldstyle Press strives to offer quality editions with informative-but-accessible critical material, an attractive horror aesthetic, and a guided narrative structure at an affordable price designed to attract and encourage readership.

FUTURE editions will also include Edwardian ghost stories, American horror stories, British and American weird fiction, and classic tales of terror. Some are commonly anthologized, but most of our tales are obscure gems specifically sifted through by the editor and annotated to bring the story, its language and references, to life.
Judging by prices on Amazon US, these editions are indeed affordable. Judging from the extremely impressive website, Oldstyle is committed to publishing 'the usual suspects' of weird fiction. This is also what Wordsworth does, of course, but perhaps they will spread their net a bit more widely and offer slightly posher volumes.

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