Saturday, 29 June 2013

All Roads Lead to Winter - a new eBook!

Mark Fuller Dillon, author of the excellent (and free) collection in In A Season of Dead Weather, has published a new (and also free) novella. It's an amazing piece of erotic science fiction featuring a Canadian dissident, an intelligent feline who drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer, an alien invasion that is in fact a subtle courtship, god-like offstage entities who manipulate the fates of parallel earths... 

By this point you might be wondering how all of this can be crammed into a short novel. Well, Dillon manages wonderfully by making this a story of worlds colliding, and indeed entwining, via the desires of two characters. The personal is the political, and all that. And, in a note for the sci-fi nerds, if you like Olaf Stapledon, J.G. Ballard, or Fritz Leiber, this one is for you. Here's the blurb:

"All Roads Lead to Winter" is an erotic science fiction novella. It deals with the intervention, in our world, of an alien species from a parallel Earth -- an intervention that has improved life drastically for most human beings. Yet for reasons of his own, the protagonist rejects this golden age. 
The tale is focused on his complex relationship with an alien woman. This relationship is passionate and definitely sexual (for that reason, the book is recommended for adult readers only). But it also forces him to look into his past, into the hidden motivations of his mind and heart. 
And that is the heart of the story: parallel worlds, politics, the grip of memory, the strength and generosity of women, the pain of loss, the mystery of love... and all the roads that lead to winter.

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