Friday, 18 January 2013

Labour of Love

Do you like poetry? I do. And I like Labour of Love, a Canadian magazine of the old-school type - a slender pamphlet of poems by a number of hands, offering a range of insights, styles, and moods. LoL's publisher, Cristofoli, has produced no less than 36 issues, which puts my 22 in the shade. He's sent me some sample issues return for issues of ST to distribute at poetry salons around Toronto. It indeed a labour of love - he does it all for free.

As well as a good website, LoL also offers an online Ouija Board. Really. And of course there are back issues, guidelines, and other useful bits of info. And I must round off this brief item by apologising for taking so long to mention this excellent enterprise - put it down to incompetence, illness, and Christmas, the unholy trinity of confusion.

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