Friday, 20 July 2012


So, there's this bloke who's an expert in reconstructing faces for the (South Korean) police. He's a handy man to have around because these skulls keep turning up. Thanks to a fairly grisly opening scenes we know the skulls are clean of DNA because some nutcase involved in murdering people for transplant organs dissolves his victims' remains in some acid-y stuff. Unfortunately for law enforcement, our hero decides to resign from his job because his little daughter is ill. She recently had a heart transplant...

Well, it's definitely a ghost story, and perhaps that's the main problem. There are very sound reasons for long-haired ghosts of an overly-familiar variety to zoom about the place, but that doesn't make the spooky scenes any less derivative. A rather interesting psychological thriller about medical ethics and serial murder is sacrificed (I think) for a so-so supernatural shocker. That said, there are some good central performances and it does make sense. Even the main twist (a biggie) is not too obvious. So, 5/10 and a 'See Me' on the whole 'long-haired ghost girl in a well-lit bathroom' thing.

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