Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Flame and Other Enigmatic Tales

Just received, a new volume from Sarob Press. The name Sarob is recommendation enough, as they always produce excellent volumes by first-rate authors. I hope to post a review shortly, but in the meantime you can check out Sarob's blog here, from which I've culled a few details.

Maynard Sims: Flame & other enigmatic tales
Six darkly enigmatic and chilling stories make up Maynard Sims fourth Sarob Press collection – their first since Falling Into Heaven (2004). Here you will find two novellas – the sequel to their well-received novella “Moths” (see Echoes of Darkness) and a spooky tale of life and death – and what comes after – set in and around the variety theatre of the 1950s. There are also four shorter but no less haunting tales – one of which is a new “Dept 18” adventure. Five of the six stories are original to this collection and the sixth has been fully revised. 
Len Maynard & Mick Sims are the authors of the novels Shelter, Demon Eyes, Black Cathedral and Night Souls and the Sarob Press collections Shadows At Midnight (1999), Echoes of Darkness (2000) and Falling Into Heaven (2004). 
Stories: “Double Act” “Serenity” “Jealousy” “Assignment” “Fallen” & “Flame”
With an afterword by Maynard Sims. Illustrations by Paul Lowe. 
Limited Edition Hardcover. Printed Boards. Edition limited to 150 hand numbered copies.
Limitation will be reviewed if pre-publication interest suggests a larger print run is appropriate.
UK: UK £22.50 Europe: 27,50 euros USA & Rest of World: US $39.50
It looks like a darn good read, to me - ideal for the winter evenings, as we await the return of spring.

And please note, Sarob will shortly be publishing a collection by Peter Bell. This will include 'eight Jamesian ghost stories (three previously unpublished)', which sounds like a treat. Peter also informs me that Swan River Press in Dublin is also publishing a collection of his work. It's always satisfying to see an ST author advance to that 'quality hardback' stage.

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