Monday, 11 July 2011

Brian Day's Disturbing Daydreams

Work on Supernatural Tales 20 continues apace at Valdemar Towers. Plus, there's a bit of a surprise in store for subscribers later in the year - not a nasty one, or at least I hope not. I'll got out on a partially sawn-through limb and say some of you will be delighted. A bit. Probably.

Anyway, let's focus here and mention American author Brian Day, whose story 'Good for the Gander' is just one of the treats in store in the next ST. Brian has his own site, Disturbing Daydreams, which offers you  the chance to read several of his short stories. There are also longer works, and Brian informs me that he's just uploaded a 'novella' of nearly 200 pages. Sounds like a novel to me, Brian! Anyway, it's called Red Horse and it's right there, just waiting to be read, or ridden.

The place to go is here.

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