Thursday, 23 June 2011

Enigmatic Absenteeism

I'm sorry I've not posted here for a while. Rest assured that the proofing of ST20 is almost done, and the reviews are simmering nicely (in a good way). But I've had a bit of a personal crisis these last weeks, culminating in my compulsory redundancy.

I couldn't hack it in libraries, basically. My old depression/stress problems, dormant for many years, resurfaced along with some truly horrendous migraines. The offer to walk with cash was still on the table so - with considerable trepidation - I took it.

This means that, as of 1st July, I will be a gentleman of leisure, or 'layabout', to use the vernacular. Hope to have more news soon. With luck, a new career beckons. In the meantime, ST is still up and running and not in any kind of financial or indeed occult peril.

PS Psychoville fans will recognise the illo and quote. Others should check out this amazing series. While technically a comedy, it's really more of a modern Gothic show that pays tribute to many horror classics. The original artwork is here.


Iain said...

Sorry to hear that David - best of luck for the more news soon (and in the meantime, lots of sunny weather).

valdemar said...

Thanks Iain, all the best to you and yours:-)

Sam said...

Good luck with the new career. Hope it comes soon and is all you'd wish for.

Michael Kelly said...

David, best of luck with everything.