Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Stupid Mistake Corrected

Ardent fans of those notes about the author might be puzzled to find that the first story in ST19 offers precisely zip in that respect. This is because I forgot to put in the note for Colin Insole's superb tale 'Flower of the Sun'. Sorry. So here it is for the completists:

'Some of the background to the story was suggested by the chapter on John Dee in Hope Mirrlees' entertaining biography of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, entitled 'A Fly in Amber'. Also, I recommend 'The Elizabethan Underworld', a collection of essays, stories and poems, published in 1930 by George Routledge. It is a goldmine of contemporary accounts concerning Elizabethan criminals and their methods. The extensive glossary of thieves' slang shows a remarkable similarity to the criminal argot of Victorian London.'

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