Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ghost kicks Vampire ass

Those lovely and not at all sinister corporate types at Google have devised a new toy called Books Ngram viewer. It lets you graph the number of reference to a particular word or phrase over time in many published works. When I typed in ghost, vampire, zombie and werewolf I found that ghost is way ahead, but vampire put a right old spurt on lately. Teenagers, eh? Poor old zombie and werewolf didn't get a look in. I couldn't include mummy for obvious reasons.


Todd T said...

Sadly I fear that "ghost" may be as misleading as "mummy". All the references to Holy Ghost, ghost towns, "ghost of a chance", "Great Caesar's Ghost!', ghost fish, Norton software - none of which, I think, relate to the sort of thing you had in mind. I'll give you the movie, which probably accounts for many hits also.

What I wonder now is whether "vampire ass" is now a Googlewhack, a phrase that gets exactly one Google hit.

Todd T said...

Wow, not even close. It turns out everything from werewolves to lolcats to Abe Lincoln has availed itself of an opportunity to kick vampire ass.

valdemar said...

I take your point. That said, surely vampire has been used rather widely outside the realms of supernatural fiction?