Monday, 20 September 2010

Progress report

I've ordered a sample copy of ST18 from Lulu. The point is to see the thing as an entity - not just proofing sheets of printout, but looking at the booklet as a whole and seeing if it 'works'. It's very hard to judge.

I think I got lucky with ST17, which was a last minute 'help, I need a printer' job. I feel I dodged the bullet, somewhat. So this time I'll try to be a bit more careful. With luck I'll see the sample copy this week, sort out any problems, and have ST18 ready for posting out by mid-October.

That, at least, is the plan.


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valdemar said...

Jesus Christ.

Steve said...

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Is this the first reported case of Supernatural Spam, Dave?

valdemar said...

I've had other messages in what I presume to be Chinese or some other non-alphabetic lingo. But they may have been threats from the Tongs. Possibly about me stealing their tongs.