Monday, 28 June 2010

Praise for Peter

Peter Bell's story 'The Tunnel' is one of the most popular ever published. It's in ST17, if you haven't already bought a copy. Here's one fulsome reaction from a reader:

Not only does ST 17 look great-it is great,opening with
a wonderful ghost story in the grand tradition.The Tunnel has a lot
going for it-multiple layers of narrative,an expert in esoterica( in
this case trains) and some sly humor( Thelma Kemp's crack about Roman
Catholics).But to really make it tasty, Peter Bell has added a generous
dollop of the class struggle.The animus between urban evacuees and their
country hosts during the Blitz becomes the focal point of this
story.Lady Wyke's treatment of the Wood children would be called child
abuse today.All in all, a rich , wonderful story.

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