Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The BBC snaps a ghost

I am very sceptical about ghostly images, as I feel that a. they often look rather like those images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary that appear in cakes and things and b. it's too easy to fake stuff these days. However, if the BBC publishes a ghostly image I feel compelled to mention it as I pay for their antics, like other license fee victims. Make of this what you will.


Todd T said...

I don't doubt that what we see is the unaltered image that was captured, but I discount anything involving glass. I have taken so many photos through or of glass that contain strange images made up of reflections, refractions or flash effects that I think of it as routine whenever I am not careful.

vilges suola said...

I can't make it out. What's it supposed to be?

Todd T said...

There is an image that could be seen as a figure standing or dancing on the hardwood floor seen through the window. His pants are grey, and one of his legs is bent at the knee. There is a hint of a belt around his waist. His shirt is red or brown, and he has one arm extended out to our left. Above the shirt is a possible pale face, with a black beard and thin mustache.

It's interesting but I'm not sold.