Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Eye Trouble

My sight problem, which emerged a couple of months back, turns out to be a detached retina that needs prompt surgery. I may be 'going under' tomorrow (Friday) morning, or early next week failing that. Then lots of weeks off work, rattling around the flat, possibly going insane while the thing heals up and unblurs itself. Sorry for paucity of postings, but with luck I'll get back on track by summertime.


Huw Langridge said...

Hope everything goes okay with it and that you're on the road to recovery soon.

Todd T said...

Yes, cross fingers that everything goes smoothly. Weeks of not being able to see - how will you get out for food and other necessities?

Todd T said...

Well, how dumb of me. Just noticed the dates. Dave literally will not see my earlier post. If anyone knows how things went, let us know.