Friday, 25 January 2008

ST13 update

Is anybody reading this? Probably not. But just in case, I am working on ST13 and think it should be ready for the printer at the end of February. So far stories to be included include works by Tina Rath, Adam Golaski and Katherine Haynes - all 'old stagers' at ST. Writers new to the magazine include the mysterious Richard Marlowe, the outrageous Luce Morales, the radically poetic Kiel Stuart, and the fairly normal Brian J. Showers. So there. The stories represent a mixture of traditional ghostly tales and more modern, daring, cutting edge, bleeding fringe stuff. Dear me yes. And there'll be reviews, too, plus the result of the amazing 25 quid voters' poll for best story in ST11. Blimey.

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editor galaxy said...

a story by Adam Golaski! how wonderful. he's so handsome, and talented, and good-looking, and smart. boy oh boy oh boy.