Thursday, 29 November 2007

ST13 News

Ruddy Nora, no peace for the wicked. I've been working on covers as well as contents. I am possibly in a position to do colour covers in future. See what you think. These pics are based on photos sent to me by Tony Lovell, author and freelance eyeball. Thanks, Tony, and if I've messed 'em up let me know.


editor galaxy said...

I like both covers, and both images, but I prefer the second image of the low house. I don't know all the contents of the issues--is one more relevant than the other?

valdemar squelch said...

Neither of them are strictly relevant, I just like the images. I'm not that keen on illustrating spooky stories because I feel that it can give the twist away (if the tale be twisty) or just spoil the mood by jarring with the pictures the author is trying to conjure up in the reader's mind. But that's probably just me.