Friday, 10 August 2007

Apologies for absence

I am sorry about the long hiatus since I last posted.

1. Thanks to everyone who tried to help with ST's cash-flow problem. I think the basic difficulty is the low print run. If reader numbers go up over time I could return to a flashier format, but as things stand I will have to return to the simpler stapled booklet look.

2. The web page is giving people some problems if they use Internet Explorer. I could try to set up a new, pristine site if someone could help with the basics, as I am not very cyber-competent. Does anyone know of any good freebies re: web hosting?


nomis said...


Contact me through email. I manage website for a few authors and am happy to help out.

nomis said...

That said, have you ever considered making a ST website out of a blog?

I migrated my personal website to a blog about a year ago and haven't regreted it. I think you could make decent looking site out of one, and it would be free. You could use this one, or start another (plenty of people have more than one blog).

Just a thought.

valdemar squelch said...

Thanks, O Nomic one, I will give this a little thought... (Strokes straggly beard, looks into middle distance, crashes zeppelin.)