Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Admittedly, I'm a day late, but I'm sincere, and if you can fake sincerity... etc.

So, what excitement looms for 2007? Here are some of my irrelevant and pointless predictions...

1. George W. Bush will be replaced by an actual lame duck. The dollar will rally strongly against the pound. Fewer people will shout at the TV as ducks are cute.
2. The Charleston will become the dance craze of the under thirties in Luxembourg. (There are four of them.)
3. Fewer species will be become extinct, but many will be seriously inconvenienced.
4. Hollywood will 're-imagine' every TV show I loved as a child and ruin it by making it a mindless marketing opportunity for toys and video games (this process has already begun).
5. David Tennant will continue to gurn and squawk his irritating way to ratings triumph in Doctor Who, and do very well without my patronage.
6. Battlestar Galactica (the last best hope of good sci-fi telly) will arrive on DVD very, very late in the year...
7. I might get round to reading some books. If I can remember what they are. I vaguely remember them being green-ish and sort of flappy.


Adam Golaski said...
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Adam Golaski said...

Those floppy green things you speak of--books. What about the book you're making, i.e. Supernatural Tales? We know #11 is coming out. But what do we know about it, really? Could some of the contributors submit for this blog expanded bio notes? Could some of the contributors offer "what's on my reading table" booklists? They could send them direct to you, and you could post 'em.

Just a kooky idea from a Yankee.