Friday, 24 November 2006

ST11 contents

Right then, what can the discerning reader expect from next spring's issue of ST? Well, stories from the following authors...
'Andie' by Adam Golaski - a man on a US internal flight is snow-bound and dances himself dizzy in bizarre masquerade.
'Still Water' by Joel Lane - the Seventies, Manchester, criminals, cops, insects, sexuality, horror...
'Nostalgia, Death & Melancholy' by Peter Bell - on the Isle of Man, a quest for artistic rarities becomes very strange indeed.
'Numina' by Tony Lovell - you know those little roadside shrines...?
'Going Back' by D. Siddall - you really can go home again, but you shouldn't.
'Ramoth-Gilead' by Mark Nicholls - superb variant on a classic theme.
'The Sea Change' by Helen Grant - diving onto an ancient shipwreck is spooky enough in itself, but that's just the start.

Plus reviews, quizzes, and the winner of the readers' poll from ST10. Yay!

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