Contents from ST#1 to ST'#16

ST#1 Spring 2001

‘The Waif’ by Michael Chislett

‘Vacant Possession’ by Tina Rath

‘Lord of the Flies’ by David G. Rowlands

‘The Vanishing Hitchhiker’ by Steve Duffy

‘An Outside Influence’ by Katherine Haynes

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ST#2 Autumn 2001

‘Cats and Architecture’ by Chico Kidd

‘The Curse of the Shovelworths’ by William I. I. Read

‘Moulded When Moist’ by John Travis

‘Off the Map’ by Michael Chislett

‘The Glamour’ by Katherine Haynes

‘Legends of the Golem’ (Non-Fiction) by Steve Duffy

ST#3 Spring 2002

‘Nepenthes’ by Keris McDonald

‘The Hook’ by Steve Duffy

‘The Moorish Princess’ by António Monteiro

‘The Panelled Chamber’ by Katherine Haynes

‘Reservoirs’ by Kay Fletcher

‘The Tableaux’ by Christopher Barker

‘This Spectacular Darkness’ Essay by Joel Lane

ST#4 Autumn 2002

‘Zé and the Amulet’ by Chico Kidd

‘A Chimaera in my Wardrobe’ by Tina Rath

‘The Labyrinth of Dr Badenoch’ (Pt 1.) by William I.I. Read

‘In a Mirror, at Midnight’ by Michael Chislett

‘The Houses’ by Don Tumasonis

Non-fiction ‘Disclosures in Black’ (Carl Jacobi) by John Howard

ST#5 Spring 2003

‘A Serious Piece of Metal’ by Steve Duffy

‘Beside the Shrill Sea’ by Reggie Oliver

‘The Flooding of Mark Wiper’ by John Travis

‘Parson’s Pleasure’ by Mark Nicholls

‘St Sinenomen’ by Antony Oldknow

‘The Labyrinth of Dr Badenoch’ (Pt 2) by William I.I. Read 

‘Ghost Cycle’ by Adam Golaski

NON FICTION  ‘Real Vampires’ by Tina Rath, Ph.D

ST#6 Autumn 2003

‘Not Stopping at Mabbs End’ by Michael Chislett

‘Girls’ Night In’ by Katherine Haynes

‘The Dragon that Ate the Sun’ by Chico Kidd

‘The Thing in the Tree’ by Christopher Barker

‘A Chimaera in My Wardrobe: 2’ by Tina Rath

‘All the Company of Heaven’ by Keris McDonald

ST#7 Spring 2004

‘Old Pro’ by Christopher Harman

‘Rendezvous with Destiny’ by Hunter Seitz

‘The Correspondence’ by Allison Lovelock

‘The Sacristy’ by John Llewellyn Probert

‘One of the Crowd’ by Paul Finch

‘The Walker on the Wall’ by Iain Rowan

‘MS Found in a Hotel Pigeon Hole’ by Geoffrey Warburton

Non-Fiction  ‘The Stains’ (Aickman) by Christopher Barker


ST#8 Autumn 2004

‘A Cup of Blood’ by Joel Lane

‘And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ by Simon Bestwick

From Color Plates by Adam Golaski

‘The Interpreter’ by Jane Jakeman

‘Farmers’ Market’ by Jane Jakeman

‘Snow Train’ by Christopher Barker

‘The Hollow’ by Cory Harding & Peter Tennant

‘Melody’ by D. Siddall

‘A Shard from the Devil’s Mirror’ by Michael Chislett

Non-Fiction: Cory Harding interviews D.F. Lewis

ST#9 (Double-sized annual issue) 2005

'Peeping Tomboy' by Dallas Goffin

'Vrykolakas' by Jane Jakeman

'Chimaera 3: A Strong Look' by Tina Rath

‘The Moving Image’ by John Llewellyn Probert

‘The Appointed Time' by Barbara Roden

'Rowlands Hall' by Jacqueline Simpson

Three Stories by Sam Dawson

‘The Demon’ by Adam Golaski

'The Other Exhibition' by John Travis

‘Preserves’ by Jim Rockhill

'Myself: A Fiction' by Gary Fry

'A Faust Overture' by Nina Allan 

‘The Lusty Monk’ by Kay Fletcher 

'The Tree of Death' by Cory Harding 

'The Black Wood of Sylburn' by Paul Finch

‘In the Devil’s Scrying Glass’ by Michael Chislett

ST#10 (Double-sized annual issue) 2006

'Off the Hook' by Simon Strantzas

'' byDon Tumasonis

'The Guardian' by Clive Ward

'Tom Snifty the Chimney Swifty' by Brian Day

'The Grey Man' by Kathryn Bell

'The Wound' by Paul Melniczek

'Nowhere People' by Gary McMahon

'Purslane the Witch' by Helen Grant

'Playing God' by Carole Tyrrell

'Derek and the Vampires' by Andrew Darlington

'Buried Beneath' by Mark Patrick Lynch

'The Bloodstone' by Sue Gedge

'Landlord’s Inspection'  by William I.I. Read

'The Last Reel' by Lynda E. Rucker

'The Changing Room' by Katherine Haynes

'Chimaera 4: Stage Struck' by Tina Rath

'Those that Come from the Air' by Michael Chislett


ST#11 - Spring 2007

'Still Water' by Joel Lane

'Numina' by Tony Lovell

'Andie' by Adam Golaski

'Ramoth-Gilead' by Mark Nicholls

'The Sea Change' by Helen Grant

'Going Back' by D. Siddall

'Nostalgia, Death & Melancholy' by Peter Bell

ST#12 - Autumn 2007

'You Are Here' by Simon Strantzas

'Lies We Tell the Trojans' by Mark Patrick Lynch

'The Wrong Town' by Gary McMahon

'Guided Tour' by John L. Probert

'The Sofa' by Duncan Barford

'Figure of Fun' by Gary Fry

'Final Warning' by Bill Read

'Everything' by John Travis

'As Angels Unaware' by Mike Chislett

ST#13 Summer 2008

'They Look Like Little Girls' by Adam Golaski

 'The Toll of Finnegan's Bridge' by Brian J. Showers

'The First Element' by Sam Dawson

'The Turning of the Wheel' by David Rawson

'The Seed' by Richard Marlowe

'The Rainbow Comes and Goes' by Katherine Haynes

'Degrees of Freedom' by Kiel Stuart

'Chimaera 5' by Tina Rath

ST#14 Winter 2008

'Poor Stephanie' by Simon Strantzas

'The Short Cut' by C. E. Ward

'His Head Appeared' by Jane Jakeman

'Mary and Sue' by Tony Lovell

'Into the Woods We Go' by Stone Franks

'Future Perfect' by William I.I. Read

'The True Bride' by Michael Chislett

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ST#15 Summer 2009

'Beneath the Streets' by Joel Lane

'The Picture' by Rosalie Parker

'Last Train to Tassenmere' by Huw Langridge

'To Pass the Night' by Mark Patrick Lynch

'Every One Shall Live' by Gregory Santo Arena

'Dark Wind Through Brightest Wing' by Adam Walter

'The Judas Man' by D. Siddall

'Pockets of Emptiness' by Louis Marvick

ST#16 Winter 2009

'The Night Watchman' by Gary Fry

'Red Christmas' by Jim Steel

'Perfectly Natural' & 'Adoptagrave' by Jane Jakeman

'Company' by Ray Russell

'Trouble with the Hob'  by Tina Rath

'Old Boy' by William I.I. Read

'The Coast Guard' by Michael Chislett

'Neglected Classic' nonfiction by Colin Westney

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