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Hello! I am literally a person who writes things, and I thought I would provide a few links to things I have written so far.

The Glyphs: And Other Tales of the Paranormal by [Longhorn, David]

I wrote some short stories and most them are here. It's just an ebook, sorry.

My first series of three ebooks/paperbacks from the American publisher Scare Street is available here:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Here are brief readings by yours truly. The basic premise owes a lot to a certain M.R. James. Consider that a warning to the curious... Series also features cameos by Himmler, Churchill, and a  thinly-disguised Algernon Blackwood.

Sentinels: Scary Ghost & Paranormal Horror Story (The Sentinels Series Book 1)The Haunter: Volume 2 (The Sentinels Series)The Smog (The Sentinels Series Book 3)

A second series of books is now available from Scare Street at the link(s) above. Like the Sentinels series, the Dark Isle books are loosely based on an idea by M.R. James. "Is it 'Casting the Runes', Dave?" I could not possibly comment. Suffice to say that Monty would not approve of some bits, especially the bra scene.

The Ouroboros series is about a cult of snake-worshippers with rather ambitious plans for civilisation as we know it. Ingredients include Soviet ESP experiments, neolithic stone circles, and lamias with attitude. Oh, and the Loch Ness monster is explained brilliantly, in part thanks to a guest appearance from one Aleister Crowley.

The Sign of OuroborosFortress of Ghosts (Ouroboros Book 2)

Another series of three novellas, this time about medieval naughtiness, modern strangeness, and ghostly doings in a cathedral. Find out the truth about Satan, the afterlife, and the Holy Grail, as defined by me! (Not a leading theologian.)

The Nightmare series - in a surprise move by the eager masses this trilogy has proved to be by far my most popular effort. What makes it special? A kind of sci-fi rationale for the mysterious beings who can become your most deluded fantasy, or your worse nightmare. Guess which one they tend to go for. First book - American TV team go an English country house to make one of those blatantly bogus 'Most Haunted...' shows, only to discover that the rumours of past devil worship were only half the story. In the second book the survivors of the team try to get at the truth behind a legend that a small town made a cruel bargain with strange beings to preserve its young men from the horrors of war. In the final book strange doings on the London Underground lead to high-level shenanigans and general mayhem, as shape-shifting monsters run amok.

Current series about an ambitious man trying to join the exclusive and mysterious Mephisto Club. He is set a series of tasks involving the retrieval of paranormal objects from hazardous places. Watch out for Lovecraftian Deep Ones, ancient gods, big spiders...

Dark Waters: Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Story with Scary Ghosts (Mephisto Club Series Book 1)Spider Maze: Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Story with Scary Ghosts (Mephisto Club Series Book 2)Ghost Machine: Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Story with Scary Ghosts (Mephisto Club Series Book 3)

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